Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

No good conversations to relate today as I woke up late, somehow sleeping straight through to 9am without waking up. I was wiped out.

On Tuesday however, Kristin went to the Stuy Town Appliance Repair Shop to talk to the workers.

She introduced herself.
"Hi my name is Kristin and I live upstairs."

Blank stare stares all around.

She asked them,
"Would you guys mind being a bit more conscious of the noise you make so early in the morning."

Some huffs and puffs scattered throughout the room.

She continued,
"7am is really early to be yelling right below our bedroom."

One worker retorted,
"No one's here that early except the foreman."

Kristin replied,
"So then I guess he's yelling at himself?"

They didn't get the joke.

The Foreman walked in and asked,
"Can I help you?"

Kristin wanted to know,
"Is there is any way you guys can keep it down so early in the morning? We are trying to sleep and you are waking us up every day."

The Foreman said,
"You see my desk over there? That's where I sit. When I get orders in I gotta yell them out to the workers over there. How else are we supposed to work?"

The Foreman's desk is directly below our bed.

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